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New User Onboarding Site


New User Onboarding Site

Problem/User Need

The request was to provide a marketing site that gets new users (friends & family segment) to create an account to use the messaging, deposits and video visit products, and ultimately drives them to enter the signup flow. 


  • Over 65% of site visitors accessed the website from a mobile device
  • ~72% of users in the targeted persona are "functionally illiterate", which is defined as a "4th grade reading level with low reading comprehension"
  • Not all products are available at all facilities (jails)
  • Many products require a deposit be made before they can be used
  • Majority of visitors to current site are first time users (return users skip this site and go directly to the login page)
  • Products are not unified, which creates confusion for users 
GO-New User.png


I reorganized the user flow to first require the user to pick the facility they wish to communicate with. Once facility is selected, users were only shown the communication products available at that facility.

To resolve confusion around the "deposit-first" requirement as well as the bifurcated product experience, I added subpages with simple explanitory content to help the user understand where to go first. 

Note: Once the products are unified, the subpages will be removed from the first time user flow to reduce the number of clicks it takes them to get to the correct product.  

You can view an interactive prototype here.