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Help Center Design


Help Center Design

User Need

Users of the The Guardian app needed a way to access frequently asked questions and tutorial videos. The Guardian app allows parolees to be monitored and complete check-ins with their parole officer without wearing an ankle bracelet - providing a more dignified and discreet way to comply with the terms of their parole. 



  • Design had to work with existing WordPress backend editor 
  • Leverage GA to determine the most frequently viewed questions 
  • Help info needed to be available within the app but had limited dev resource


Since most users will access the help center from a mobile device, I designed a mobile-first responsive experience on the marketing site that is ported into the app via i-frame. 

For the original iteration of the help center, I used data from Google Analytics to determine the most commonly viewed questions and elevated them to the front page in a Quick Link area. We later migrated this area to a "Get Started" section with content optimized for onboarding.

You can view the live help center here